Family Life is The Important Educational Toys for Children

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Nowadays more and more researches have confirmed that the important development period of all kinds of human organs such as the brain is between the pregnancy and five years old. Children's early development status and the adverse environmental factors after birth would have the lifelong impact on them.

According to the statistics, in China, about 6% to 22% teenagers have the psychological and behavioral problems, what's worse, the prevalence of these diseases is increasing year by year, at the same time, if these psychological and behavioral problems in childhood can not be intervened and treated in time, it will not only have the significant impact on the individual person's quality of life in the future, but also affect the social stability and stability.

Most psychological and behavioral problems are related to children's early development such as their family and their parents. Nowadays, the competition become more and more drastic so that most parents hope that their children have a promising future and good life. However, young parents always have high pressure from both life and work, therefore most of them lack of enough knowledge about how to parent their children scientifically. As usual, they always buy too many expensive high-grade toys, all kinds of educational software and electronic media for the children to develop their intelligence. What a pity, they rarely spend time in accompanying their children to play with some interactive games. I am sure they don't know that lacking of effective interaction between parents and children is one of the adverse factors in early childhood development.

The program of paying close attention to the early children development carried out by the World Health Organization shows that for infant and little children, the best educational toy is their parents, especially the mother's face. In the early time, mother's smile to children and the interaction is the best way to promote children development. For example, feeding your baby is the best time for parent-children communication, however, too many mothers are feeding baby while watching TV or reading the newspaper. Some parents exclusively rely on the electronic media education. All of these behaviours are not beneficial to children development.

In short, the potential development of the children is dependent on their family, their daily life and their parents. If there is no parental involvement, children's development would not develop very well even parents give the most advanced educational toy for them or send them to the best early education organization for learning.

by Tonysteve


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