Mobile phones really dangerous for children

Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Children and teenagers from 5 till 19 years - and practically all of them, certainly, do not leave mobile phones. And daily, in literal sense, irradiate the brain.

- We understand, that the mobile communication became a life integral part, But it is necessary to understand - in a mobile communication hazardous to health electromagnetic fields are used. The norms, new instructions for use phones are necessary. Especially for children!

Features of a structure of a children's skull, its size and a thickness promote still more to an irradiation, than at adults. Buying a tube, we see an inscription: the mobile phone is safe. But these hygienic specifications have godlessly become outdated, our scientists confirm.

Already there are data: "mobile" electromagnetic radiations promote development of tumours of a brain. Mental faculties of children suffer from them - in particular, literacy decreases. There are authentic data that work of nervous cages is broken. And it threatens with Alzheimer's disease development!

And after all children and teenagers use a mobile communication even more often, than adults - Englishmen carried out such research. As a result the child receives literally "a professional irradiation"! And it collects in an organism.

- The immune system suffers not only the central nervous system, but also, probably. It is proved, that radiations increase permeability of a brain barrier which protects a brain from infections and other adverse influences.

It is not known, how radiation can "co-operate", say, with household chemical goods which we actively use. Certainly, all should be studied it!


6 ways to lower risk

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- Try to speak as it is possible more shortly. Pregnant women at all are not recommended to use often cellular communication. Embryos are supersensitive to waves, all body of the kid is irradiated.

- If it is possible not to call, and to write SMS - write, it is more safe.

- Do not press a tube to an ear, keep at distance at least several centimetres. The most safe - to use to set, bluetooth.

- Remember: the maximum radiation goes, when you dial to the subscriber, and there are hooters. At this time phone it is necessary to keep at the maximum distance from a head. When you have already phoned, capacity of radiation falls in times.

- At night phone is better for disconnecting. Even in a mode of expectation the tube periodically communicates with station and radiates. If it it is impossible - to keep it at arm's length the MINIMUM of 1 metre of 20 sm from a head.

- Categorically it is impossible to charge phone at bedside sockets. Otherwise you receive very dangerous combined radiation.

by James


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