Creative Exercise For Children: Four Fun Ways To Keep Kids Fit

Friday, 13 December 2013
Are you trying to create a life for you child that more closely mimics your own childhood—when child obesity wasn't a common throw-around term and kids spent more time outside than on the couch? It can be a challenge, due to modern trends, but if you get a little creative and look at fitness goals in a completely different way, keeping your kids fit isn't as hard as it might sound.

Here are four ways to keep your kids fit by tapping into their fun genes.

1. Take the Dog for a Walk

It's no secret that children love dogs, and having their furry friend around is a great way to keep them active without making a big deal about things. You can simple obligate them to take the dog out for a walk every single day, but a walk doesn't have to be always by the leash and through the neighborhood. Taking the dog on a hike or even out to a local park where it is allowed to run free usually gets kids energetic too. Or just let them loose in the backyard.

2. Enroll Them in Martial Arts or Dance

Another great way to get kids active while having fun is enroll them in a martial arts or dance class—anything that is sure to engage them. Both martial arts and dance are great ways to get moving around while building strength and coordination.

To make things even better, children develop a lot of other skills from these types of endeavors as well. They learn discipline and social skills while at the same time spending time on an interest with potential to become a lifelong passion.

3. Go Bike Riding

Children always enjoy riding bicycles, and it is another one of those great ways to stay in shape without really thinking about it—when I was a kid, my friends and I pretty much spent our lives on two wheels. Purchasing a nice, sturdy bicycle for your child is a great investment in their health.

4. Head to the Pool

How about going swimming? This activity is one of the greatest ways to keep a body in shape with tons of cardio, strength, and flexibility development rolled into one. Take the kids to the pool or a local beach and you will likely find it near impossible to drag them off when it is time to go home.

Keeping kids in healthy shape very rarely requires any kind of regimented program—instead, focus on fun activities that get them pumped, and you will see all the energy they need come out of nowhere. Purchase the types of gifts that get them excited and active, and plan their lifestyle in such a way that it all comes naturally.

by James Druman


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