Sports are necessary for children

Sunday, 31 March 2013
Sports are necessary for children. This axiom is very actual presently. The bad ecology and an inactive way of life, the big congestion at school and frequent illnesses … gives Children's sports not only health, it forms at children purposefulness, confidence of the forces, ability to overcome an obstacle in a course of life.

But many parents don't hasten to give children to sections and sports schools, after all often it assumes very much a busy schedule of trainings when all to be in time? Here for those children who doesn't want or can't go in for sports it will be professional the best exit children's fitness. What is such? Than differs from Kindergarten and school physical culture and, the most important thing where the such give?)

Children's fitness means physical preparation of children from 1 till 15 years. Such service in Russia rather and already uses recently sufficient popularity. Non-standard and balanced according to age, hobbies and physical features of employment will do good to children of a different warehouse of character: passive â€" will give the chance to open new energy, they will have a vitality; hyperactive â€" will settle processes of bright emotional splashes, will teach harmonious distribution of power expenses; whimsical - will help to feel force of own body, to become more hardy and on another to declare itself in this world.

Children's fitness is first of all other technique. After all in gardens and program schools. Preparations aren't corrected by decades. Fitness Technologies always kept up to date (institutes, conventions and seminars). Therefore employment of children's fitness so are unlike habitual physical culture from which always it would be desirable to slip away in any way (and after all at many people this dislike for sports long in all life!).

And when is better to begin? Since three or four years? And can at school? Children and so it is constant in movement? But, as it is found out, modern kids very much don't have physical activity. The small apartments which have been not equipped for walks court yard, and in gardens as parents often complain, aren't present conditions for high-grade physical development. The V-general, with fitness it is better to make friends as soon as possible: in a year â€" ones and a half. Such schools of development habitual for us â€" the excellent variant, only accent in employment for the smallest should be on movement. After all it is proved that intellectual development goes after physical and emotional. Exercises together with mum, fitbol-gymnastics under special music, massage paths and fascinating "obstacle courses" - pledge of that your child will start to be engaged at school of development with pleasure and success!

Children of 3-4 years are engaged already independently, in the company of the same young sportsmen and under the direction of skilled instructors. Fitness for them is game, a fairy tale. Simple and useful exercises are given in the form of a fairy tale, musical game.

by Alex Frendly


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