Ride on Toys for Children - Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

Saturday, 6 April 2013
It’s hard to believe the holidays are once again upon us. And with that, comes the yearly brain-wracking decisions of what to buy for those important people in our lives, particularly young children. Something practical? Something frivolous? Something expensive? Something that fits our budget? Those of us who have children in our lives might be even more frustrated by the variety of toys available for young children. Do we look for toys that entertain, educate and or promote good health? Cars for kids to ride may be the answer to all our holiday gift-buying concerns.

Unfortunately, toy cars to ride in won’t fit down the chimney, but they certainly will fit under the Christmas tree or be appropriate for whatever holiday rituals are followed. These recreations of vintage cars, trucks, tricycles and planes offer the proactive holiday shopper the answer to the three criteria mentioned above, entertain, educate and promote good health.

Sit a young child in a ride in car and he or she will immediately fire up their imagination and create all sorts of stories and scenarios triggered by their new ride on toy. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, how many young children say proudly they want to be policemen or firemen? By giving them one of these amazingly colorful and safe vehicles to ride, the children become engaged in active play pretending to be those heroes. Riding the pedal fire truck around the house, they can pretend to save people from burning buildings, retrieve curious cats from the treetops or ride in parades down Main Street. When kids ride in cars like the police cruiser, they foster law-abiding ideas and moral decision making without knowing they’re doing this.

The mystery of flight sparks wonder and awe in most of us. Even if airplane travel doesn’t particularly excite an adult, young children are often enthralled with the idea of flying. They watch birds, airplanes and kites and thrill to the sense of freedom and joy that flying can bring. Give a young child a push or pedal plane to ride and he or she can satisfy that sense of longing to be airborne and free. Their imagination kicks in again, and they become commercial pilots, air force pilots and assist in rescuing stranded folks on tropical islands.

And just how do these ride on toddler toys help promote good health? By steering and pedaling these toys, young children build strong bones and muscles, expand their ability to concentrate, learn team-building practices and the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the welfare of another through their pretend games. These very positive factors aid in the mental as well as physical growth and development of young children during the first five years of life. Early childhood, which is considered to be zero to five years of age, has been studied to be the most important developmental time period for humans. Incidents experienced by children in this age bracket have proven to have the strongest impact of both moral and physical development.

So when faced with the choice of which holiday gift to buy for that special young child in your life, be sure to strongly consider toy cars to ride. They represent a shift from computer generated, educational toys which only deal with mental activities, to toys which also fulfill the child’s physical needs. A toy car, truck, tricycle or plane to ride is a very special gift which will be remembered by the child long after those computer educated gifts have broken, or lost their entertainment value. These resilient and imaginative toys can be past down to siblings and future generations to enjoy and reap the benefits.

About the Author: Eileen Cinque has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She recently retired as a supervising Children’s Social Worker in a child protection agency. In her experience working with thousands of young children, she found that creative and physically challenging play was missing from many of our young children. This type of play is needed to produce healthy well-balanced children who will be sorely needed to take up the reins of society in the future.
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by Eilleen Cinque


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