New Clothes Can Endanger the Health of Children

Saturday, 13 April 2013
Many parents like to buy new clothes for their children, as they want to make these kids lovely and beautiful. For example, mothers usually buy modern clothes like mini skirt and wind coat for their daughters. Nearly all the children have been regarded as little models.

In fact, there is no need for parents to buy a lot of new clothes for their children. There is even no need for children to wear new clothes. First, it is wasteful for children to wear new clothes, as children grow quickly during the puberty. Second, new clothes can always contain toxic substances. According to the research in Hong Kong, formaldehyde can be used to prevent the wrinkles for the clothes. However, the improper treatment of formaldehyde can seriously threaten the physical health of children. When the formaldehyde is released and absorbed by the children, the discomforts inside the nose and mouth can be caused and the skin can be seriously stimulated. The inflammation of skin can even be caused. In addition, the improper PH value can also affect the physical health. At the same time, it is unsuitable for parents to provide the adult-styled clothes for children. For example, tight clothes can affect the blood circulation and endanger the normal development of growth. The improper collocation of mini skirt and boots can cause the unhealthy joints.

When parents buy new clothes for children, they should first observe the texture of clothes. The clothes made of chemical fibers and animal fur can not be provided for the kids. The chemical fibers can hurt the tender skin of children and make skin become dry and itching. In addition, the chemical fibers and animal fur can absorb the toxic substances in the air, which can cause the inflammation and induce asthma and tracheitis. Second, parents should wash the clothes before they give them to the kids. According to the research, nearly 80% of formaldehyde can be removed after the new clothes are washed. Generally speaking, the clothes can become safe and comfortable when they are washed for many times. Therefore, it is better for children to wear old and clean clothes in daily life.

In short, there is no need for parents to provide new clothes for their children frequently. In order to prevent possible dangers caused by the new clothes, parents can borrow old clothes for the kids. They only need to boil old clothes in water to kill the toxins and bacteria.

by Green Sunny


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